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Augmental Boosts Design Productivity With Sphere AR Platform

Introducing the new digital paradigm in spatially collaborating and validating design concept, structure and constructability

Perth, Western Australia, 26th February 2021. In recent times demand for industrial enterprises to transform their processes with Augmented Reality (AR) technology has increased significantly. End users are investigating new ways of enhancing their perception with AR devices for better understanding and decision making and finding new ways to work in a remote economy.

To meet these challenges and accelerate AR digital transformation, Augmental, a division of the Glenfield Digital Group, has been appointed APAC distributor for the highly acclaimed sphere platform by holo|one, a Swiss company leading in the industrial AR application space.

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Augmental’s sphere offering uniquely brings Expert Remote Assistance, Workplace Task Management and Remote Collaboration within one unified AR platform, with a spatial 3D asset pipeline easily purposed across functions of design collaboration, 3D BIM Overlays, Remote Training, and augmented Task Workflows.

“Businesses can see significant return on investment within months by validating design and overlaying models in the real world. The level of collaboration for all stakeholders across all devices is revolutionary. holo|one sphere has accelerated remote mentoring and data visualisation to a new level in Europe as well as the US, with demonstrated cost savings. We see a very strong use case adoption in APAC within the construction, industrial machinery, manufacturing, and mining sectors.”, says AUGMENTAL & GLENFIELD CEO Richard Sojka.

“sphere customers include Renault, Lindt, GSK and Merck. We have seen enterprises achieving 70% productivity gains, 95% less assembly line errors and around 50% faster resolution of design issues with our technology, which is very rewarding for our team. Our partnership with Augmental will bring such efficiency increases and savings to APAC businesses. Our capability within the AR field of design concept, structure and constructability is unmatched by any other single AR platform.” says HOLO|ONE SALES DIRECTOR Frank Hasler.

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The sphere platform is also unique in having a device agnostic approach for users, meaning that collaboration and use is possible via a variety of spatial AR devices which include the Microsoft HoloLens 1 & 2, Magic Leap 1, Lenovo ThinkReality A6 & A3, Nreal Light and RealWear HMT-1.  Furthermore, users of mobile and desktop devices can interact seamlessly via the sphere app or web client with any AR wearable user and see the manipulation of holographic designs in real time.

“Augmental has a well-defined methodology to take an organisation from a sphere pilot to widespread adoption. Our pilot process, for example, examines in detail existing processes and procedures in a business and establishes methods to integrate and measure AR digital transformation, giving stakeholders a better understanding of the strategic value of the technology first.  We complement this with a focus on addressing important AR deployment considerations such as safety, security and change management requirements, making implementing such unique and useful technologies much easier and more thorough.” said Richard Sojka.


Augmental is a leader in implementing Mixed Reality platforms which enhance user perception for better understanding and decision making through the unification of content.

The business brings Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (collectively XR or Extended Reality) to global enterprises at scale delivering better business efficiencies through remote assistance, training & task guidance, remote meetings & collaboration, and enhanced data visualisation & interaction.

As an early pioneer in Extended Reality, Augmental successfully delivers solutions that create significant productivity gains, reduce workplace errors, and provide better data perception within industry segments such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, mining, military, and oil & gas.

Augmental is a division of the Glenfield Digital Group, an organisation which specialises in solving content sprawl issues, creating better process efficiencies and collaboration in the digital workplace, and modernising the delivery of content.

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holo|one sphere is a world leader in out-of-the-box Mixed Reality enterprise design functionality, tackling challenges across various verticals with a single, unified solution.

The sphere platform covers major enterprise use cases within its single environment, standardising the delivery of: remote assistance, workflow guidance, augmented collaboration, and life-size overlays.  Its strong platform characteristics allow enterprise to mobilise their 3D asset pipeline across smart devices and leading mixed reality headsets.   Seamless integrations are also available with 3rd party applications to bring the power of sphere into existing enterprise frameworks to accelerate remote mentoring, design validation, operator routines, training functions and collaboration to a whole new reality.

The features and versatility of sphere make it the most universally applicable Mixed Reality platform available on the market, negating the need for enterprises to purchase multiple products whilst keeping the Mixed Reality experience focused and functionally diverse.

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Glenfield Joins Microsoft SharePoint Spaces Preview

Glenfield, through its R&D division Augmental, will be joining the SharePoint Spaces Preview conducted by Microsoft.  “We are excited to be providing feedback and use cases to the Microsoft Preview Team from Augmental, in order to help evolve the SharePoint Spaces mixed reality experience,” said Richard Sojka, Managing Director of the Glenfield Digital Group.

Public information around SharePoint Spaces can found at

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