Intranet In-a-box

Set of templates and functionality that rapidly delivers a cohesive Intranet in-a-box portal, with rich collaboration and essential future proofing.

The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. But when companies use social media internally, messages become content; a searchable record of knowledge can reduce, by as much as 35 percent, the time employees spend searching for company information." - McKinsey.

Why implement a modern Intranet?

Communicate Better

Avoid information loss and miscommunication with unified messaging and collaboration. Have focused conversations broadcast to multiple channels and audiences.

Enhance Employee Experience

The digital experience at an organisation has a direct correlation to profits. Having a modern Intranet with options to access content from any location increases business morale.

Increase Productivity

By centralising content, employees are more focused. Through enhanced search and workflow, businesses experience significant increases in employee productivity. Get immediate benefits through faster information search gains and reduced meeting times.

Brainstorm More Effectively

Stimulate new ideas and facilitate innovation in the workplace. Gain valuable feedback in the form of comments, page visit statistics, likes and shares, to help with companywide decisions.

Promote Organisational Wellbeing

Reduce workplace stress and absenteeism by using the Intranet to encourage healthy practices and providing health resources.

Deepen User Engagement

Employees need recognition and functionality that can adapt to their specific role. Increase staff retention rates through provision of personalised content. Reduce onboarding times for staff.

Rapidly create your modern Intranet

If you are looking to retire obsolete software, or to unify your content and functions, we can help you plan, configure and implement the right size solution for your needs.


Citrix Workspace

A unified, secure and intelligent digital workspace that enables users to access their apps, desktops and data from anywhere.


SharePoint (M365)

Create an intranet to file-share, facilitate teamwork and streamline document management with SharePoint, part of Office 365.