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Find and update
your content faster

Are you wasting time trying to find, update and collaborate company content in systems that look dated and are slow? We provide Content Services Platforms to help unify you content.

Unstructured data makes up 80% and more of enterprise data, and is growing at the rate of 55% to 65% per year." - Forrester Next Wave.

Better business efficiencies through unified content services platforms

We create enterprise content strategies in the management, delivery and distribution of your content, pairing this with  innovative digital workplace products and add-ons to solve common digital workplace pain points.

Fix Content Sprawl

Is your information sprawled across an ever-increasing number of areas?

We can define taxonomies and meta structures, migrate large volumes of data, define a governance model, intelligently capture information, and give best content management practices to aggregate content across your digital sites.

Build Efficiencies

Are your organisation's operational efficiency and collaboration processes poor or simply failing?

We can strategise a content structure, automate procedures between staff, develop a culture of collaboration, and measure processes for cost efficiencies within a wide variety of Content Services Platforms.


Is it hard to interact with company information? Do your user digital interfaces look dated?

We can redesign for modern devices such as smart phones, analyse employee satisfaction, and track usage patterns. Let us help you get higher engagement of your staff, suppliers and customers.

We create an enterprise approach to managing content, regardless of where and how it is stored

We digitally transform legacy processes and systems. Our focus is strategising content to implement and scale your digital workplace by creating a unified roadmap of Content Services Platforms which considers:

  • retention and dissemination of your business knowledgebase
  • goal measurement & impact scoring of workplace tasks & processes
  • enterprise governance & workflow of your content
  • regulatory compliance and risk management
  • innovation in new ways of working
  • content technology selection assistance
Pillars of Content Services


We help create your selection criteria and measure benefits

We provide  technology selection assistance to organise, store and deliver critical content to employees, business stakeholders and customers.

Digital Workplace Cloud Suites

Enterprise-grade productivity applications, packaged within digital workplace suites. Delivered to users through the cloud in a subscription model.

Intranet Out-of-the-box
Intranet in-a-box

Set of templates and functionality that rapidly delivers a cohesive Intranet in-a-box Office 365 portal, with rich collaboration and essential future proofing.

Customer Relationship Management

Software for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Website Content Management

Public facing digital site creation for an organisation, business or group. Includes marketing intelligence, performance and scalability enhancements.

Governance, Compliance & Migration Applications

Manage all your company's governance, compliance within enterprise collaboration systems.