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Cognitive Services (AI)

Building artificial intelligence and supported algorithms into apps, websites, and bots to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret user needs.  

The promise of artificial intelligence and computer science generally vastly outweighs the impact it could have on some jobs in the same way that, while the invention of the airplane negatively affected the railroad industry, it opened a much wider door to human progress." - Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft.

Better business insights through machine learning algorithms

We enhance the abilities of organisations to scale to support growth, make smart recommendations, perform language translation, moderate content, and use machine vision to interpret the field of view.


  • Make smarter decisions faster.
  • Identify potential problems early on.
  • Detect potentially offensive or unwanted content.
  • Create rich, personalised experiences for every user.


  • Extract meaning from unstructured text.
  • Help readers of all abilities comprehend text using audio and visual cues.
  • Build natural language understanding into apps, bots and IoT devices.
  • Create a conversational question and answer layer over your data.
  • Detect sentiment, key phrases and named entities.
  • Detect and translate more than 60 supported languages.


  • Integrate speech processing into apps and services.
  • Transcribe audible speech into readable, searchable text.
  • Convert text to lifelike speech for more natural interfaces.
  • Integrate real-time speech translation into your apps.
  • Identify and verify the people speaking based on audio.


  • Analyse content in images.
  • Customise image recognition to fit your business needs.
  • Detect and identify people and emotions in images.
  • Extract text, key-value pairs and tables from documents.
  • Recognise digital ink and handwriting, and pinpoint common shapes.
  • Analyse the visual and audio channels of a video, and index its content.

Web Search

  • Find what you’re looking for from the world-wide-web.
  • Help users complete queries faster by adding intelligent type-ahead capabilities.
  • Create a custom search engine with ad-free results.
  • Recognise and classify named entities, and find search results based on them.
  • Add a variety of search image options to your app.
  • Turn any app into a news search resource.
  • Help users identify and fix word breaks, slang, names, homonyms and brands.
  • Add advanced video search features to your app.
  • Enable users to search using images.
  • Enable safe, ad-free, location-aware search for your users, surfacing relevant information from web results, images, news, videos and visuals.

We can help you navigate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, and see how it can help your operations.

Lasy with Mobile

Microsoft Customer Stories

Uber boosts platform security with facial recognition

Uber uses Cognitive Services to safeguard against fraud by helping to ensure that the driver using the app matches the account on file.

Volkswagen engages global customers with real-time translation

Volkswagen uses Cognitive Services for high-quality, real-time translations, enabling the company to better engage its global customer base.

KPMG helps financial institutions save millions in compliance costs

KPMG uses Cognitive Services to transcribe and catalogue thousands of hours of calls, reducing compliance costs for its clients by as much as 80 per cent.