Digital Workplace Cloud Suites

Enterprise-grade productivity applications, packaged within digital workplace suites. Delivered to users through the cloud in a subscription model.

73% of Digital Revolutionaries reported a positive impact to their productivity and 70% cited improved collaboration thanks to digital technologies, vs. 55% of laggards". - Aruba, Digital Revolutionaries Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace.

Why implement a workplace cloud suite?

Reduce Costs

Reduce capex costs and downtime by cloud provision of essential services.

Better Scalability

Scale with your business demands, increasing resources without having to invest in physical infrastructure.

Increased Mobility

Access to content and services on any device, from any location 24/7.

Strong Governance

Control sensitive data, and keep extensive revisional history.

Advanced Security

Protection against data breaches and other cybercrimes.

Reduced Data Loss

Decide which users have what level of access to what data.

Your cloud digital workplace awaits

Connect all content from users, apps and devices, in workplace cloud suites.


Office 365
Office 365

Integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business. 

G Suite
G Suite

Intelligence & security together in one affordable package. Reliable business tools suitable for small to medium companies.


With thousands of apps connected to Box, we work with the best so you can work with your content from anywhere.


Sync data across your organisation, ensuring teams always have access to the latest versions, regardless of their location.

Office 365 Apps