PGN Geoscience

A collaborative approach means clients share in and benefit from PGN’s Collective Intelligence in structural geology at every level of operation.

PGN Geoscience

The Client

PGN Geoscience was established to develop greater synergies and simpler transitions between geophysical mapping and modelling, to give clients faster and easier access to structural interpretations, and to maximise exploration results.


Glenfield assisted in rebranding the business, creating a new brandmark, helping stakeholders articulate the companies value proposition. This included establishing the “Collective Intelligence” naming and trademark, creation of marketing and business collateral, designing the corporate style guide, development of a new responsive website, and assistance in online marketing, to ensure PGN Geoscience is found easily within select key phrases in search engines.


  • Well articulated value proposition for customers and staff.
  • Naming and trademarking of “Collective Intelligence” established, for unique brand recognition.
  • Modernisation of brandmark and brand Treatments has had positive feedback.
  • Creation of a responsive website now allows the company to reach mobile devices, and the site is ranked highly in search engines on key terms.
  • Definition of corporate style guide for the business has provided examples on brandmark use and elements for future design.
  • Creation of business and marketing collateral has provided the business with extensive presentation templates and business document formats.
“It has been a pleasure to work with Glenfield in developing our new brand and website. We are all very happy with it and believe it has modernised our look”.

 Laurent Ailleres, Managing Director, PGN Geoscience. 


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PGN Geoscience