Marine LiveFleet

 Marine Livefleet allows operators to manage, share and track vessels in a whole new way.

Marine LiveFleet

The Client

MarineLiveFleet brought the skills of Glenfield and Milèstre together to create a commercial system for marine operators to keep fleet data accurate, highly visual, centralised and published to a wide variety of mediums such as web, mobile app, print and visual displays.


Utilising a single fleet management platform, vessel data can be updated across websites, internal systems, mobile apps, and print ready pdfs. The system incorporates current and historical AIS Terrestrial and Satellite vessel tracking, with higher map functionality and triggered alerts. Options to display wind, current and wave as well as navigational charts, closest point of approach and vessel following.


  • Large saving in print costs for marine operators.
  • Maintains accuracy across all fleet data.
  • Easy for fleet managers to add, edit and remove vessels.
  • Provides real time mapping and data insights for a fleet, with alerts and historical insight.
  • Export of data for use in third party systems and analytics.