A focus on the delivery of immersive experiences to enterprise, with measurable benefits.

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The Client

Augmental is the R&D division of the Glenfield Digital Group, established in 2013 to intelligently capture and present content within extended reality (AR/VR/Mixed). We have worked with a number of profile Australian companies to create proof of concepts for commercial retail, education, tourism, engineering & manufacturing, training, construction, architecture & interior design, real estate, and marketing & advertising.  As well as this we have been on early preview of Microsoft Mixed Reality, and have contributed feedback to evolving products such as SharePoint Spaces.


With companies such as the Saipem Leighton Consortium, we have piloted concept at remote sites to capture and mark content in the virtual field of view, plotting this against GPS coordinates, for successful inspection and location of assets. Virtual tours have also been developed for enterprise customers such as Bunnings and Marine Services vendors, to immerse viewers into environments to convey a sense of being at a location and experiencing the sites, normally inaccessible. Augmental is an early adopter of XR technology and is currently building use case for remote assistance and other such uses with HoloLens.



  • Users report vivid recollection of their experiences in virtual reality tours.
  • Immersive asset tracking saves considerable time in locating and wayfinding.
  • Onboarding and training of staff significantly easier.
  • Reaction times within simulations prove valuable when measuring user performance.
  • Large amounts of data able to be visualised faster for human comprehension and manipulation.
  • Treatment of mental health phobias and stress viable.
  • Significant improvements in meetings and collaboration interaction by users.
  • Enhanced shopping experiences lead to better consumer choices.
  • Wayfinding using Augmented technologies easily followed and increases comprehension.
  • Planning using 3D models at a location provides a good level of compliance and error checking, as well as an understanding of the space.

VR in Engineeering