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Glenfield launches Augmental for Virtual Reality

10 Mar 2015

With the advent of Virtual Reality becoming available to consumer devices the Glenfield Digital Group has announced today the launch of its new division "Augmental" to film, produce and deliver corporate VR experiences in 8, 6 and 4K resolution for Oculus devices, desktop players, websites and mobile apps.

Glenfield has been involved in enterprise production of 360 video since 2013, with footage captured for the Saipem Leighton Consortium and Chevron.  

"We are seeing a remarkably positive response to immersing customers into virtual environments.  Businesses are able to provide field visits to customers to demonstrate equipment, infrastructure and transportation from the comfort of an armchair.   We are at the beginning of a major change in how things are conveyed with many people amazed by how real the experience is" stated Richard Sojka, Managing Director of the Glenfield Digital Group.

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Richard Sojka